Spare parts

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15 September 2017

Donaldson Diesel Filter Cart

5 January 2017
forklift tires tips

Are you sure you’re buying the right forklift tires?

Without the right type of tires, your forklift won’t be nearly as efficient as it can be. The tires will wear out before you know it, […]
15 December 2016
buying new or used forklift parts

Buying new or used forklift parts? Read this first

Buying forklift parts from time to time is indispensable to keep your operations up and running. Whether they’re new or used, having extra forklift parts in […]
11 January 2016
filtre à air

What you need to know about your air filter

All engines except electric engines are equipped with air filters. The purpose of an air filter is to prevent dust, sand and small particles from getting […]
17 December 2015
forklift lifting chains

How to keep an eye on your forklift’s lifting chains

Engine aside, lifting chains are what makes a forklift tick. Unfortunately, they are often overlooked when it comes to daily checks for wear and tear. Many […]