Truck maintenance: what you need to do on a regular basis

Do you manage a fleet of trucks? Then we needn’t explain to you that the success of your business stands or falls with how well you maintain your fleet. What’s more, trucks require servicing more frequently than regular vehicles as they carry much heavier loads, get tied up in traffic more often, and so on. Fortunately, routine truck maintenance goes a long way, enabling you to extend your truck’s lifetime for years to come.

Check and change the oil

Regularly checking the oil and immediately changing it when needed is key to keep a truck running smoothly. This is true for regular vehicles as well, but since trucks spend more time standing still while the engine is running, the oil breaks down much faster. Opinions vary depending on the brand of engine, but if you want to take no risk whatsoever it is recommended to change a truck’s oil every 2,000 miles, or every 3,000 miles at least. If you also change the filter while you’re at it, your truck will last even longer.

Truck maintenance: keep your cool

Another box to check are coolants, which also deplete much faster than is the case with passenger vehicles. Be sure to check the coolant levels at least twice as often as you would with a passenger vehicle.

Check the transmission fluid

Transmission fluid typically starts out translucent red or pink and then becomes more opaque, slowly turning darker until it looks black. Mileage, however, is the best indicator. While passenger vehicles’ transmission fluids require changing about every 50,000 miles, with trucks it’s best to change it every 25,000 miles.

Inspect the truck’s suspension

Don’t allow poor suspension to end your truck’s lifetime prematurely. Also, note that bad suspension not only means you’re literally in for a rough ride, but can also cause loads to shift.

Rotation, rotation, rotation

A truck’s rear axle carries more weight than the front, causing uneven wear to the tires. To insure a truck’s tires wear evenly, regularly rotating them is indispensable. Last but not least, check the tire pressure on a weekly basis to ensure the truck’s stability.

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