The 7 basics of truck maintenance

Trucks are rugged and reliable machines designed to operate in tough conditions. That doesn’t mean, however, that they don’t’ need maintenance. Regular maintenance of your truck fleet is critically important to ensure good performance, safe operation and longevity of your fleet. Scheduled servicing can detect and rectify minor problems before they become bigger issues that affect productivity. It is self-evident that merely replacing a few light bulbs from time to time will not prolong a truck’s life, so we asked our technicians to share with you their checklist for basic truck maintenance:

1. Check the brakes

Checking to see if the brakes are working properly is a crucial part of basic truck maintenance and definitely something you should do at the start of every working day. In addition to daily checks, it is vital to regularly have a good mechanic subject your brake shoes, air dryers and air valves to a check-up to determine if all parts are in working order.

2. Check all filters

A truck cannot operate at full capacity with a dirty transmission filter, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter or exhaust filter. Also remember to check if the cabin air filter needs replacing.

3. Check the oil

Check the clarity of the oil. If the oil looks like it contains debris or looks cloudy, it definitely needs to be changed.

7 basics of truck maintenance4. Check the electrical system

Are all fuses still in working order? Any light bulbs that need replacing?

5. Check all rubber parts

Rubber wears out and becomes hard and brittle with time, so timely replacement of all hoses and tires is crucial.

6. Check all gaskets

Gaskets should be replaced immediately if worn or leaking, or whenever removed during servicing. Replacing gaskets is a simple task, but you may have to dismantle the engine in order to reach them. When in doubt, always contact a technician.

7. Check the shock absorbers

Shock absorbers are essential for a smooth and even ride. If your truck doesn’t settle relatively quickly after you’ve driven over a pothole, it’s probably time to treat your truck to a new set of shock absorbers.

Tip: stock up on spare parts

Reduce downtime to a minimum by stocking up on spare parts! Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for a complete list of essential spare parts to keep your fleet up and running for years to come. Nykei offers a huge range of original high quality parts for all brands and machines of all ages. If we don’t have it in our Mombasa stock, we immediately order it from our depot in Antwerp, Belgium and within 3 days, the spare parts arrive at location.