Looking for material handling equipment in Tanzania? Nykei meets all your needs!

Material handling Tanzania

Finding reliable material handling equipment in Tanzania can be a hassle. With Nykei’s help, however, you can rest assured your fleet is in good hands. Years of experience on the African market have given us a thorough understanding of how tough the working conditions on Tanzanian yards and terminals can be. We can provide every business in Tanzania with top quality spare parts and material handling equipment of all types, i.e. forklifts, mobile cranes,reach stackers, roro tractors, wheel loaders, empty container handlers, trucks, trailers, buses, …

You name it, we have it. What’s more: we can deliver all your parts and machines in record time!

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Let‘s lift up your business together!

Nykei strongly believes every business in Tanzania has unique needs when it comes to material handling equipment, and that transparent communication is key to meet those needs. For example, do you know which type of forklift is best suited for your yard or warehouse? Nykei is always happy to send you several quotes and help you compare your options, so you can make a well-informed decision. We also attach great importance to keeping you updated during every stage of the process, from the moment you ask for a quote until the moment your equipment or spare parts arrive at your doorstep.

Is your business currently dealing with financial or practical issues? Contact us and together we’ll find a way to make things work.

Top quality material handling equipment & spare parts

Nykei is one of the biggest material handling equipment and spare parts suppliers in East and West Africa. We are renowned for the high quality and reliability of our material and for our fast delivery service. If we don’t have the machines or parts you need in our Mombasa stock, we will simply contact our depot in Belgium, which will make sure your equipment will arrive in time.

Tip: Reduce downtime to a minimum by stocking up on spare parts! By having a small supply of frequently needed spare parts at the ready, you won’t lose precious time waiting for your spare parts to arrive. Don’t hesitate to contact our spare parts department to ask a complete list of essential spare parts.

Professional maintenance & repair service in Tanzania

Need help with your material handling equipment? We’re on our way! Our team of trained technicians operates from our office in Kenya, but regularly flies out to Tanzania for maintenance and repairs. We’re always just a call away, so please feel free to contact us anytime.


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