Nykei’s maintenance and repair service for the African market

Discover Nykei’s maintenance and repair serviceAll set for a productive day, only to find your forklift won’t start? Stuck in the middle of unloading cargo thanks to a blocked spreader? Nykei’s trained technicians are just a phone call away! At Nykei, we pride ourselves on doing more than selling premium-quality material handling equipment. After-sales services, such as spare parts, maintenance and repair services, are also high on our agenda. Nykei has years of experience in the African market, monitoring and servicing fleets in Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya,Uganda, Cameroon, Senegal, Ghana, Ivory Coast and many other countries.

From emergency repair services…

Having an emergency situation in your yard or warehouse? You need help and you need it fast? Our skilled repair team is always on stand-by! We understand the importance of keeping your fleet up and running at all times, and the frustrations of dealing with malfunctioning equipment. Nykei service team is based in Mombasa, Kenya, but our team regularly flies out to other African countries to provide service and fix breakdowns. All members of our mobile workshop are highly trained technicians, many of them educated by the manufacturers of the machines themselves.

… to daily maintenance

At Nykei, we believe that preventing problems is better than fixing them. Regular maintenance not only reduces the risk of emergency breakdowns; it also drastically increases the lifespan of your fleet. We provide a wide range of service plans and maintenance contracts tailored to your individual needs and requirements. After each check or intervention, our technicians write up a status report so your machine’s maintenance history is properly recorded and can be consulted at all times.

Nykei’s spare parts service for the African market

On top of its excellent repair and maintenance services, Nykei is renowned for its spare parts department. We provide original parts for all types of machines, no matter their age. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • We have fast-moving spare parts in stock to keep delivery times short.
  • If your desired spare parts are not in stock, we have them fabricated for you. We cooperate with several European suppliers to guarantee an express spare parts service of original products.
  • We can guarantee a safe arrival of your equipment thanks to our reliable shipping lines.

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